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Water music - "a magnet to attract guests" of The Global City designed, constructed, and technology transferred by HVC


Taking advantage of adjoining Rach Chiec River, The Global City has expanded its water surface with a 2km-long artificial canal system named "The Canal of Love" - ​​Bay of Love. The highlight of the bay is the most modern and unique water music area in Vietnam, which is considered a "magnet" to attract tourists. In this project, HVC is the unit that designs, constructs and transfers water music technology, contributing to creating a lively "work of art" combining the following elements: Water - smoke - sound - light shining.

Highlights increase real estate value

The Global City is a complex project of townhouses, villas and high-class apartments located at the "golden" position in An Phu ward, District 2, Thu Duc city (HCM). The project is convenient to connect with many other key projects such as: City Expressway. HCM – Long Thanh – Dau Giay, Saigon Sports City, Keppel Urban Solutions…

The Global City aims at a luxurious, classy but no less sophisticated style, which is considered as a breakthrough super project, becoming the perfect piece and the new economic nucleus in the east of Saigon.

The Global City is expected to be the second "downtown" in Ho Chi Minh City.

With a scale of 117.4ha, The Global City owns a comprehensive system of utilities including: golf course, overflowing swimming pool, landscaped lake, children's playground, green park, commercial center of 123,000m2. … promises to bring a fresh, poetic scene, attracting a large number of tourists to enjoy and enjoy every weekend.

A corner of the project's utility system

Thanks to its location adjacent to the Rach Chiec River, The Global City has taken advantage to expand the water surface with a system of artificial canals with a total length of up to 2km named "The Canal of Love" - Bay of Love. Accordingly, about 90% of the water surface area throughout the urban area is invested in building a water music system.

Water music on the Bay of Love not only creates a lively landscape for urban space but also contributes to stimulating the flow and circulation of energy. At the same time, this highlight is considered by observers to be the most unique water music project in Vietnam, a magnet to attract tourists, contributing to raising the value, helping The Global City become the second "downtown" of the city. City. Ho Chi Minh City behind pedestrian street Nguyen Hue - Le Loi.

Perspective of water music on the Bay of Love

“Work of art” marked HVC

With practical experience in the field of art fountain general contractor, HVC was selected as the unit of design, construction and technology transfer of water music at The Global City. Over the years, HVC has impressed and affirmed its capacity at many large-scale projects such as: Hai Phong's largest fountain at Vinhomes Impreria project, Boat fountain at Vinhome Ocean Park City project, Floating fountain at Vinhome Ocean Park City project. at the air conditioner of the Vinhome Smart City Tay Mo Dai Mo project, the Fountain of the Government Office…

Most of the canal area throughout the urban area is invested in building a water music system

At The Global City, HVC has designed a unique and impressive "work of art" inspired by famous water music works in the world such as Dubai Fountain, Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas. America), the Fountain of Wealth (Singapore)... which is considered a symbol of the development and prosperity of each city.

Water music at The Global combines elements: Water - smoke - light - music

According to the design, the water music work on the Bay of Love possesses dozens of types of nozzles creating dancing, spherical, mushroom-shaped, pine-shaped, fan... In which the highest water column is up to 60 - 80m wide, 100 - 120m wide. The whole system is used 304 stainless steel material, equipment technology according to European standards with the most advanced and modern quality.

The whole system is used 304 stainless steel material

Notably, here, the sprinkler system, smoke, light will "dance" to the rhythm, music rhythm combined with the flexible movement of the 3D Mapping effect. All create a vivid picture, an attractive sound "party" is "painted" in a large space. Bringing residents, tourists and admirers to the beauty of the top art performances with many levels of emotions, awakening all senses.

Water music at The Global City was designed by HVC based on inspiration from famous water music works in the world

It is expected that the water music project on the Bay of Love at The Global City will be completed and put into use on the occasion of the National Day of September 2 this year. By creating this lively "work of art", HVC has been and continues to build values, affirming its leading position in the entertainment technology market in Vietnam.


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