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Ocean Park 3: Unique water music show at Mega Grand World designed, supplied and installed by HVC, technology transfer


With the capacity and prestige demonstrated through two large-scale projects The Global City and Van Phuc City, recently, HVC has become a unit of design, supply, installation and technology transfer of Mega water music system. Grand World Hanoi. It is expected that in December this year, visitors to Ocean City will be satisfied with the show of real art and water music called "The Grand Voyage - A voyage to discover the prosperous commercial port".

Spectacular show

Mega Grand World Hanoi is a shopping - entertainment - entertainment complex with an area of ​​nearly 16.7 hectares. This complex is planned into 2 subdivisions with hundreds of shophouses uniquely designed in the architectural style of  Venice (Italy)  and  K-Town (Korea) in Ocean City.

Possessing a prime location in the East - the intersection of two busy commercial ports, Kinh Ky (Hanoi) and Pho Hien (Hung Yen), Mega Grand World is one of the most awaited highlights before the time. debut.

Mega Grand World is expected to be the busiest shopping - entertainment - entertainment complex in the East of Hanoi

The most impressive at Mega Grand World Hanoi cannot fail to mention the party of sound - light - music and legends recreated through the spectacular show called "The Grand Voyage - A journey to discover the brand" prosperous port.

The highlight of Mega Grand World is the show of real scenes, water music on the romantic river

Inspired by the journey to create a "destination city" Ocean City, The Grand Voyage will recreate the 800m-long Venice River trade route. The cruise departs from magnificent Europe, crosses the Silk Road at sea, travels on five continents, conquers heritage regions and bustling lands, arrives at the commercial port of Hoi An and finally meets at Mega Grand World Hanoi.

With many unique effects, water music combined with light and sound will create an attractive and majestic scene

The unique feature of this show is that the contexts are constantly changing with unexpected details, following the journey circuit that brings a strong visual and auditory impression. When the boat docks, the whole system of props lights in the square turns on. The water music system appears with a 10m high water column and many unique and attractive effects that make the river shimmering and fanciful, and at the same time bring a jubilant and grandiose end to the scene.

Water music on the Venice River marks HVC

As mentioned, on the 800m-long Venice River, a water music system, a mapping projector and modern lighting will be installed to become the main stage for a unique real-world art show.

With the capacity and prestige proven through two large-scale water music projects The Global City and Van Phuc City, HVC was quickly selected by the investor Vingroup as the unit of design, supply and installation of technology transfer. water music system technology in this important complex.

The water music at Mega Grand World was designed by HVC with a 10m high water column, the sprinkler system is arranged around the hull.

According to the design of HVC, the project will use a water screen with a diameter of 22m, a height of 12m to convey the content and images of the show during the journey to explore the prosperous commercial port.

Besides, to create 10m high water columns with interactive music and light effects, HVC offers 5 types of nozzles, including: straight spray, twist spray, 3D spray, mist spray, explosive gas spray. Here, HVC uses 688 nozzles of all kinds and lighting systems including 468 units, all technology and equipment imported according to European standards with the most advanced and modern quality. All will create majestic water dances and impressive smoke and fire effects, contributing to giving visitors a unique and attractive trip.

The water screen will show heritage regions and trade images on the Venice River

It is expected that the water music category will be realized by a team of experts and skilled engineers of HVC within 70 days, including the process of importing equipment, implementing, installing, and transferring technology. With real combat experience and strong relationship with Vingroup through many important projects across the country, HVC is confident to reach the destination on time, satisfying the investor.

Water music is used by HVC with up to 5 types of nozzles to create impressive and different effects.

Currently, the subdivisions of Mega Grand World are being urgently constructed, HVC has completed the design of the water music and entered the supply and installation phase. According to the plan, the audience, domestic and foreign tourists will enjoy this exciting journey and attractive water music performance in early December this year.


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