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With the desire to experience, HVC Group has been working together with leading suppliers in the world to bring Ice-skating technology to Vietnam, so that tropical people can experience the feeling and cheerful on fragile skates - the sport which is only blessed for the Cold region. 

Always pioneering in the development of new and imported technologies brought to use in Vietnam, HVC Group is proud to be the first company in Southeast Asia in consulting, design, equipment supply and skating yard construction. We are proud to bring you solutions for construction on a perfect ice rink.

It is an ice skating rink operated by a chiller system, suitable for professional skating performances, and winter sports. Or an artificial ice skating rink without the use of cooling machines. These are special materials that have the same surface texture as the ice, when putting together they can create a perfect artificial ice rink in all shapes and sizes. 

Vincom Ice Rink ice rink inside Vincom Landmark 81 building by HVC Group as design contractor - providing-installing

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