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After the water music, HVC Group continues to be the M&E infrastructure M&E general contractor at The Global City project


At The Global City, after the success of the largest water music project in Southeast Asia, HVC Group has left many good impressions and continues to become the M&E infrastructure general contractor for the entire project. Thus, besides the key projects in Hoa Binh, Hung Yen, Quang Ninh..., City. Ho Chi Minh City promises to be the next big construction site of HVC Group in 2023.

The Global City (formerly known as Saigon Binh An Urban Area) is considered by experts to be the last remaining diamond of the city. Thu Duc is invested and developed by Masterise Homes Group. With a total scale of 117 hectares, possessing many outstanding advantages in infrastructure, The Global City is becoming the focal point for a most modern lifestyle in the city HCM.

The Global City is considered the last remaining diamond of the city Thu Duc

Located in a prime location in An Phu ward, The Global City inherits "exchange privileges" when it is adjacent to arterial roads and metro lines, helping residents move conveniently to many central districts only. in 15 minutes. In addition, the appearance of Long Thanh international airport and modern infrastructure system will help the urban area receive a large investment wave, benefiting prices in the future.

This is considered as a breakthrough super project, becoming a perfect piece and a new economic nucleus in the East of the city.

The design of the project aims to balance between biodiversity and the health of residents in a modern but equally luxurious and classy urban space. In addition to the aesthetic living space, the owners at The Global City also inherit the 5-star privileged facilities such as the branded urban areas with global imprints. Not stopping at the variety of services, what makes The Global City level is the dedication to "tailoring" services according to the needs and preferences of each resident.

The largest water music project in Southeast Asia at The Global City designed, constructed and transferred by HVC

The unique highlight of The Global City is the 2km long artificial canal system with the largest modern water music project in Southeast Asia. In addition, the water surface area throughout, surrounding the project also brings a breath of fresh nature to the residents of the entire urban area.

As previously reported, The Global City's water music - magnet project was designed, constructed and completed by HVC Group in just 50 days. Not only ensuring the progress, the water music project also fully meets the requirements of image quality, fountains, light, sound and 3D Mapping effects, creating a colorful picture, a party captivating sound. The Global City water music was grandly opened on September 1, 2022 with an international festival called "The Fountain Festival".

Soho subdivision – one of the most modern and busiest neighborhoods of the project

After realizing the largest water music project in Southeast Asia, HVC Group has left many good impressions, which are highly appreciated by the investor. Continuing to be trusted, HVC Group once again appeared at The Global City when winning the general M&E construction contract for the entire project. Especially, this is one of the most valuable bidding packages ever signed by HVC Group.

According to the contract, the specific work of HVC is to construct the following items: Water supply, M&E street lighting and low voltage power supply. The general contractor package is divided into 3 phases, phase 1 is currently underway in Soho subdivision, including roads N2, N2A, N2B, N2C, D7, N3A, N3B, N3C, N3D.

HVC is entering phase 1 of the M&E infrastructure M&E general contractor package at The Global City

Over the years, M&E infrastructure has been one of the outstanding strengths, helping HVC Group create and affirm its position as the Top 5 most prestigious M&E Contractors in Vietnam (in 2020). This is clearly demonstrated through a series of large projects such as: Imperia Hai Phong urban area, Vinhomes Tay Mo Dai Mo, Vinhomes Ocean Park, Van Canh - An Lac urban area, F1 racetrack, Vinhomes Dream City...

Winning the great value bid package The Global City at a time when the real estate market is still facing many "turbulences" has a very important meaning, showing the determination to turn difficulties into action, ready to "surpass" storm” of the Board of Directors and employees of HVC. Thus, besides the key projects in Hoa Binh, Hung Yen, Quang Ninh, Phu Tho..., TP. Ho Chi Minh City promises to be the next big construction site of HVC Group in 2023.


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