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TOP typical projects built by HVC Group in 2021


In 2021, the real estate market has experienced a year of many fluctuations, at times slowing down because of the pandemic, then quickly restarting and there are many optimistic signals about the recovery. HVCgroup is also not out of that rotation. Last year, despite many difficulties, the company made great efforts to bid and participated in many large projects from the North to the South, especially deploying many new technologies developed by partners. appreciate.

NovaWord Phan Thiet water park project

HVCgroup won the bid to design, supply equipment and construct water park technology with an area of ​​7 hectares in this project. The water park is designed as an underwater kingdom with colorful sea creatures and unique water games.

Actively constructing, the progress up to now HVCgroup has completed, tested and accepted the pipe laying infrastructure, and started to work on the next items.

NovaWorld Phan Thiet project is a modern and world-class modern and world-class tourist resort and entertainment urban area with a scale of nearly 1,000 hectares, deployed by Novaland investor. NovaWorld Phan Thiet with a diverse utility system of various types of high-class amusement and entertainment areas: theme park, theme village, wildlife zoo (Petting Zoo), 16 ha marine park, park water (Water Park), artificial beach (Beach Bikini), water music square, marina, food street, fruit fair, stadium with a capacity of 1000 people; there is a helipad; there are 02 international standard 18-hole golf courses,….  

Sunshine Heritage Resort project (Phuc Tho - Hanoi)

HVC Group is the general contractor for the construction of M&E systems for sales houses, model houses, electrical and communication system infrastructure - Project of ecological garden Cam Dinh - Hiep Thuan. Along with that, HVCgroup is also the contractor to construct the fountain and swimming pool of this project. 

Sunshine Heritage Resort is a great eco-resort project invested by Sunshine Group with a scale of more than 200 hectares , integrating products: Villas, townhouses and Shohouse townhouses with modern infrastructure, High-class utility services located in Tam Hiep commune, Phuc Tho district, City. Hanoi. The project has a convenient location, convenient connection, only 8.4 km from the city center and 31.5 km from Noi Bai airport. The project of Dunshine Heritage Resort will bring a classy and sophisticated resort space between an ecological population that perfectly combines with the model of a miniature, dynamic smart city with full facilities but still retains the cultural features of the people. ethnicity….          

Toàn cảnh dự án

Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh resort project - Quang Ninh

Besides the "huge " scale of the project, the technology of the cold and snow sauna room applied to all villas in the project is a special highlight of HVC Group at Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh. Cold sauna helps to calm the hot body to enhance the rejuvenating effect, helping to make the skin smoother. Snow sauna room is equipped with a cooling system, emitting negative ions, creating a good oxygen-rich environment for the respiratory system.   

Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh is the first hot spring resort in Vietnam built and operated based on strict standards, keeping the spirit of Japanese onsen. Besides the bold designs of Phu Tang country such as open space with shallow stone stream, wooden bridge, Koi fish pond, bonsai garden and villas with bold Wabi Sabi spirit.

HVCgroup has completed 90% of phase 1 (42 villas) of hot and cold saunas - expected to be completed in mid-January 2022, phase 2 with 128 villas is expected. completed on March 26, 2022, the expected handover schedule is April 26, 2022.     

Apec Mandala Wyndham Mui Ne Project

At Apec Mandala Wyndham Mui Ne, HVC Group was appointed as the general contractor for the construction of the entire swimming pool technology (64 apartment villa swimming pools, 4 outdoor rooftop swimming pools, 1 communal swimming pool) and spa mud bath system. high-quality service.   

Apec Mandala Wyndham Mui Ne is a masterpiece resort by the paradise bay - a pioneer international 5* condotel honoring the primitive beauty and elevating Binh Thuan beach tourism.

Different from other resort projects, Apec Mandala Wyndham Mui Ne is an "all-in-one" model by investor Apec Group with a chain of 129 utilities, international standard 5* services such as swimming pool system Expensive Infinity Ocean View, private beach running along paradise bay, Waterfall Park theme park complex, first Hologram conference room in Vietnam, unique water square, Beach club area, Ocean bar, restaurant 5-star, high-class Spa and Fitness system… 

The bidding package is expected to be handed over to the investor by HVCgroup in April 2022.

Danko City Thai Nguyen project

At the Danko City Thai Nguyen project, HVC Group has been trusted by the investor Danko Group to be selected as the general contractor for M&E of Danko Plaza - the city's first 5-star shopping and entertainment destination.


Danko City Thai Nguyen is a project located in Cao Ngan commune, Chua Hang ward - an expensive location in the economic and administrative center of Thai Nguyen. With inspiration from the architecture of the Palace of Versailles, Danko City deserves to be a new symbol for the high-class life in the city center.

In addition to the impressive design style, Danko City owns a chain of 88+ high-class utilities, first appearing in Thai Nguyen such as: The Light Square with a magnificent 5000m2 wide gate; The Harmony water music stage with modern performance technology; Victoria Square is 3.5ha wide; Monaco Marina, Dragon Eye Park, Walking Street The Rome, Sports and Healthcare Center with a scale of 4000m2... Especially the main Champs Elysees Avenue is 30m wide, running throughout the project with distinctive lines. A typical European feature promises to become a busy shopping boulevard with the highlight being Danko Plaza - where residents can experience the most advanced services such as a 5-star conference center, restaurant, and coffee shop. luxurious…

Construction and renovation project of CVN VinWonder Nha Trang

HVCgroup soon completed and handed over many items to the investor of the bidding packages: construction and installation of water park; provide water filtration and treatment technology; construction and renovation of lawn irrigation systems for villas, broadcasting hill, Event Hall, Conference Center, VAP area... construction of Villa, Master Villa swimming pool technology.

VinWonder (Vinpearl Land) Nha Trang is one of the places not to be missed when coming to the most famous coastal city in our country. VinWonder Nha Trang is located on Hon Tre island with a total area of ​​200,000m2 with 5 main areas: Water Park, Indoor Game Area, Outdoor Playground, Aquarium and Water Music Performance Area. In particular, the Water Park area has a total area of ​​more than 50,000m2, with a 30,000m2 artificial mountain system with a series of modern games divided into three zones: Thrilling game area, Family play area and children, Floating Bay with unique sea sports games.

King Garden Resort & Villa project

King Garden Resort & Villas is becoming an ideal rendezvous for a four-season resort in the North recently based on its favorable location on the rare and precious natural hot mineral resource La Phu - Thanh Thuy (Phu Tho).

King Garden Resort & Villas is a 5-star luxury project with a scale of nearly 120ha. The resort is developed according to the idea of ​​a colorful architectural and cultural complex featuring many regions, skillfully connected in harmony with the beautiful natural landscape. This place is an eco-tourism complex, an outdoor amusement park and a system of resort villas with a scale of more than 300 villas and ecological garden houses. Accompanying the appearance of international operating brands is a system of lotus cuisine restaurants, yachts, a combination of sports areas, nearly 500 swimming pools, entertainment complexes, shopping entertainment, walking streets. walking, dining, shopping, event space... promises to bring exciting resort experiences during the 4 seasons.

5-star project APEC Mandala Sky Villas Hoa Binh

At the APEC Mandala Sky Villas Kim Boi Hoa Binh project, HVCgroup is the supplier of design, supply and construction of electromechanical, light electrical and fire protection systems.

Apec Mandala Sky Villas Kim Boi Hoa Binh with a total area of ​​35.6ha is a 5-star luxury resort project with hot mineral resources leading to the house worth billions of USD of investor APEC Group.    

Inspired by the luxurious life but still keeping the family values ​​of Asians, the Wonders of Villas and Resorts at Apec Mandala Kim Boi is designed with a diverse area, optimizing space. common space and private space for each generation in the extended family. The project is located in the center of the hot mineral zone of Kim Boi district - Hoa Binh, which is focused on developing into the best resort and health care. 

Vinhomes Grand Park project – Ho Chi Minh City

HVCgroup is the general contractor supplying and installing M&E of high-rise buildings, basements, Vinschool inter-schools; landscape lighting system; Supply and installation of swimming pool equipment, KOI aquarium, .... at Vinhomes Grand Park project. 

Vinhomes Grand Park project was built by Vingroup investor in Long Binh and Long Thanh My wards, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City with a total area of ​​nearly 272 hectares, including high-rise and low-rise subdivisions, integrating all kinds of buildings. High-class apartments, shophouses, townhouses, villas, utility systems like a miniature city. Vinhomes Grand Park has a convenient transport infrastructure system and inherits a quality living space surrounded by two large rivers including Song Tac and Dong Nai River, which is the most advanced 4.0 smart city in Vietnam. with a synchronous and modern utility system including 4 smart pillars applying 4.0 technology into operation.

2021 is considered a difficult year in many aspects, but it is a special year for HVCgroup when the company expands with many new partners - the leading real estate brands in Vietnam. This is a good signal for the business plans for the next years of the business.


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