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Progress of projects at the end of the year: many positive changes


On the eve of the New Year 2022, many projects implemented by HVC Group across the country have changed in construction progress, here are some typical projects:

Vinhomes Grand Park Project (District 9 - Ho Chi Minh City)

News from the construction site said that in January 2022, Vinhomes Grand Park is the project recording the biggest change with many large items completed up to 100%, the handover rate reached over 70%. That is: the A4 pit electromechanical general contractor package has been tested to hand over the current progress has reached 95%. The general contractor package of S7-03 building has also been completed despite the months-long epidemic situation in Ho Chi Minh City. Specifically, HVC Group currently handing over 70% including apartments, shophouses, community houses,.... Some items: public area, corridor, technical room, roof ... will be tested on the occasion after the Lunar New Year at the request of the investor A4 - Items of the finished electromechanical bidding package.


Items of building electromechanical procurement

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Ha, Director of HVCgroup - Commander of Vinhomes Grand Park Construction Site said: By the end of 2021, the project has reached more than 70% of the output under the contract. In addition to handing over the completed items, the construction work is still being finalized to implement other bidding packages such as Koi Aquarium water purification technology, swimming pool technology, ...

Danko City Thai Nguyen Project

Reaching the final stages of the bidding package, HVCgroup is expected to hand over to the investor the general contractor package of Danko Plaza Mall on February 15 to the wire.

Danko Plaza is a large electromechanical general contractor with a scale of 1 basement and 5 commercial floors, 5000m2 wide. The bidding package includes: electrical and light power systems; ventilation and air conditioning systems; water supply and drainage systems and sanitary equipment; Fire protection system.

Danko Plaza perspective when completed

Some pictures of the project so far:

Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh Resort Project - Quang Ninh

HVCgroup has completed 98% of the bidding package to install hot sauna technology and cold saunas for 42 Villas of the project equivalent to nearly 100% completion of phase 1. With this progress, HVCgroup has ensured the schedule of the project committed to the investor. It is expected that the second phase (the remaining 128 villas) will be completed on March 26, the progress of the whole project is 26/04/2022 – before the holiday of April 30 for the investor to put into operation and use.

Bidding package at Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh, HVC Group provides and complete installation of hot saunas and cold saunas for 170 villas with a total value of nearly VND60 billion.  

King Resort Garden & Villa Project (Phu Tho)

Completing 99% of the first phase of the project with 21 Villas +01 Osen hot mineral swimming pool, HVCgroup is conducting the next phase of the project with 20 swimming pools and onsen thanh Lien area on a total of hundreds of swimming pools of the entire King Resort & Villa garden project.

Koi aquarium water purification technology at the project implemented by HVC

APEC Mandala Sky Villas Hoa Binh 5-star project

The construction work at the project ensures the progress of the construction site, specifically: The power system has completed the raw part of the apartments, the raw electricity part of the corridor is being constructed urgently in the form of a mat. Ventilation and fire protection systems have been roughly completed in corridors and at apartments under construction on the right axis. Water supply and drainage system, HVCGroup has completed raw items in corridors and some apartments.

With the current progress of work, HVCgroup is expected to complete on schedule committed to the investor and ensure technical and occupational safety.

At the "blockbuster" project APEC Mandala Sky Villas Kim Boi Hoa Binh, HVC Group is a supplier of the design, supply and construction of electromechanical, light electrical, water supply and fire protection systems.

NovaWorld Phan Thiet Water Park

With the spirit of urgent labor throughout the construction site, the progress up to now, HVCGroup is completing the infrastructure connecting from the game area to the machine room with many items completed over 70% such as: construction of pipes from water return points, overflow collection, bottom collection,  The tanks poured into 2 filter rooms. Or as the construction of pipes from the locked ladder points under the ladder towers to the pumping rooms achieved a progress of 55%.   

View of Novaland Water Park when completed

The named projects are just one part of a total of dozens of HVCgroup projects underway nationwide. HVC officials and employees across the construction sites are constantly trying to compete with the progress of projects to compensate for the hiatus due to the epidemic. The meeting of progress, techniques and fine arts of the works has confirmed the capacity and prestige of HVCgroup with investors.


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