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HVCgroup actively prepares many scenarios for the prevention and response of the Covid 19 epidemic


With dual goals: both to limit the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on production and business, to ensure the health and safety of employees and to join hands in the fight against the epidemic with the community, over the past few months, HVCgroup has actively increased and strengthen anti-epidemic measures. In particular, the Company has prepared many "scenarios" ready to deal in the contexMeasures to ensure safe adaptation, flexibility, effective control, adhere to the viewpoint of taking staff as the subject and center.

Measures to ensure safe adaptation, flexibility, effective control, adhere to the viewpoint of taking staff as the subject and center.

Improve propaganda

Strengthening epidemic prevention propaganda is an activity that the Board of Directors focuses on, deploying on many communication channels, including: Direct propaganda at common areas such as the lobby, Checkin area, and Canteen area. , ... ; regular communication on the electronic mail system (Email); on Fanpage; especially on the social network system GapoWork....

Practical propaganda contents focus on recommending the implementation of the 5K and 5T messages of the Ministry of Health, recommending that employees temporarily limit going to epidemic areas and high-risk areas; the information support hotline; documents guiding health care prevention and treatment; Update local and national epidemic news...

With the following criteria: easy to recognize, easy to understand, easy to remember, easy to implement. HVCgroup introduces the form of propaganda using infographic images; from official documents, from direct advice from the Board of Directors.

In the coming time, the Company will organize contests to learn about the impact of the epidemic to improve the effectiveness of the Covid epidemic propaganda to all employees.

Some propaganda content on HVCgroup's Gapo Work social network

Practical action - seriously develop specific prevention and cure scenarios

HVC Group actively seeks and accesses vaccine sources to vaccinate all employees months before the nationwide vaccination campaign with the following criteria: the earliest vaccine is the best vaccine, the earliest disease prevention for children. HVC employees aim to secure "human assets" - a valuable asset according to the company's core values.

In addition to propaganda and vaccination, HVCgroup employees strictly implement 5K at the office and construction sites. At the office, the Company installed an automatic temperature measurement and hand sanitizer system right in front of the office lobby and also checked the QR code. To ensure safety, the Company stipulates that in case of detecting Covid-like symptoms, the Administration department will send a quick test kit to check, only negative results will continue to work in the office or factory.

In terms of working time, HVCgroup follows government regulations flexibly, including working online during social distancing, in the new normal state: rotating work to limit the number of people gathered in the office.

The equipping of medicine cabinets to prevent Covid has been carried out since the early days of the epidemic, and new supplies have been continuously added, including: Antiseptic alcohol; rapid test kit, fever reducer, resistance-boosting vitamins, ...

HVC staff perform a quick test at the Office

Most recently, the Board of Directors took the initiative in financial resources to buy free Covid-19 medicine for employees if unfortunately infected, and at the same time contacted support centers for health advice during this time.

Thanks to the active and proactive direction of the Board of Directors of the company, the joint implementation of departments and employees, up to now, the office block has not had a case of F0.

Determining to live with the pandemic, prevent disease but not far from the goal of business development, after 2020 safely overcome the pandemic with a lot of experience in coping, up to now, HVCgroup is gradually balancing products. emerge, overcome challenges, seize opportunities, recover from new situations and be determined to accomplish goals.



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