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During the pandemic, the HVC Group supports volunteer activities.


HVC Group has accompanied the Hanoi Young Business Association to carry out meaningful volunteer activities in order to join forces with the community in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, with the spirit of leaving no one behind.

Following meaningful actions to contribute to epidemic prevention, HVC Group accompanied the Hanoi Young Business Association in the first days of September to support difficult situations caused by Covid-19 through two very practical programs: "Million meals - The heart of Hanoi's young business" and "Mini supermarket 0 VND - Hanoi pink heart."

"Millions of meals - The heart of Hanoi's young entrepreneurs" is a program co-organized by the Hanoi Young Business Association and the Youth Union - Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union. Hanoi will be operational from August 23 to September 6, 2021. This is also a successful continuation program, and the program series' human values are excellent. Million meals - Hanoi with gratitude has been implemented in two stages, with nearly 70,000 meals sent to difficult circumstances during this time. The program's goal in phase 3 is to mobilize 50,000 meals to help poor people, freelance workers, workers who have lost their jobs, and students who are stuck in the city. This is the sentiment, heart, and responsibility of the Young Business Association's members with the community, united with the city to overcome the current difficulties.

HVC Group made a donation of 30 million VND to the program "Million Meals - The Heart of Young Hanoi Enterprises."

"Mini supermarket with 0 dong - Hanoi with pink heart" is a meaningful activity in the program "Hanoi with pink heart," which was launched by the Youth Union and the Hanoi Student Association and is sponsored by the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade, with coordinating and supporting units such as the Hanoi Young Business Association, the Hanoi Women Entrepreneurs Association, and others. At the mini-market, which sells up to 60 essential items such as rice, noodles, milk, vegetables, medical masks, and so on. This is a very important activity in this time of social distancing, assisting near-sighted households. The poor, workers, and students from outside the province alleviate their difficulties, feel secure in enforcing epidemic prevention and control regulations, and collaborate with local authorities to ensure social security and repel the epidemic.

HVC Group and companion units in the program "Mini Supermarket 0 VND"

Some pictures of HVC Group's staff at the 0 Dong mini supermarket in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi:





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