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Times City aquarium


Recently, HVC investment and technology JSC has signed a contract with the owner of Vinpearl JSC about supply and installation of aquarium equipment technology at Times City urban area - Hanoi. This is a huge contract that required contractors to have high technical qualifications and experience of water treatment. After carefully considering technologies and equipment, HVC used the technologies and equipment of Spain, Australia and Malaysia to put into installation for Times City aquarium. With a broad scale up to 4,000m2, Times City aquarium is the first modern aquarium having a tunnel in Hanoi. The guests will pass through an 1800-tunnel and have chance to behold the aquarium's residents with an extra-size glass window. The under-water tunnel made by acrylic material has a good vision and is specifically designed to help visitors discover diverse creatures’ aspects as well as their own life activities to the end. Here, visitors have a chance to explore the underwater world with real feelings like professional divers. Visitors are satisfied to discover a splendid, various and interesting ocean with thousands of rare and exotic marine species of abundant endemic freshwater and saltwater origins; and explore the bottom of the sea with many kinds of fishes. These schools of fish are allocated by classes and colors, adapting to each deep or shallow area, coral and gorge,… Especially, for the first time, visitors are able to see with naked eyes penguins and nautilus in Vietnam.


Thủy cung Times City sau khi hoàn thành

Times City aquarium after completion

 Times City Aquarium is being rapidly and urgently erected and scheduled for completion by December 2013. After the opening, the Times City aquarium will surely be the first-class place attracting visitors in Hanoi.


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